is getting on my nerves!

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hello~! i got temper one ok?
why are u laughing when i’m scolding you?
are you sound-mind?
or am i not fierce?
so damn pissed off with the day with her.
why am i always put to guide her?
words like “if you don’t know how to serve medicine, don’t serve!” almost came off from my mouth.
a senior who knows say i should not say it out, esp to new staff. i won’t say it out. but to her is a almost, she is very extreme ok!
the senior try working with her for long, see if her known good patience could stand her or not!
just say that i’m impatient, i don’t mind and i don’t care!
i doubt she loves her job as a nurse.
is not about doing the work properly but the care for patient as well.
anyway, my cute patient, a granny, gave me a strawberry bun yesterday….
she pass to a colleague who is a malay, don’t understand her hokkien, but understand by the way granny says… haha!
“you give this bun to the nurse who bath me everyday! ” haha! my patient so cute! isn’t she? haha!
STO done to her today, and this nurse who off called STO- sure take out, when is actually called stitch to off? haha.
back to cute granny… when i go home yesterday, she hold my hands kept asking what time i will come today?
when i come today, she still can rmb me, says:” you come already ah? good good… is the bun nice??” haha! she worries that i don’t like it. is nice grannY! 🙂
another patient almost burst to tears when she saw me coz i’m the only nurse that can speak her dialect – canto. thanks to my best bud MUN! love you for improving my canto! of coz thanks to hk dramas! haha!
this patient hold my hands so tight that she don’t wish to remove saying that only i can understand her, so sad the way she say it.  she say all the other nurses ignore her coz of language barrier… hmm…

anyway, 2 more days to PHUKET! woHOOO! sun, beach, food, relaxation. yEA!

i l.o.v.e my job to the MAX! :)

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whenever someone asked what line i’m in, and they heard NURSE, first common reaction will be WOAH~ and follow by… u are so NOBLE!
but i will tell them that i’m not a saint or god, i’m just me. 
btw not all nurse are as noble, the reality field is the opposite.
knowing that someone in the night shift did some real bad behaviours to my patient, PISS me off! making my patient and daughter crying when telling me what had happened.
no matter what, when u are in the scrubs, you ARE a NURSE, no matter how un-willing you are you still have to show some respect towards patients!
i hate it!
but the daughter appreciate my listening ears despite being a busy morning doing an’s job alone, she called me the “teo-chew ah- moi” , she tells her dad that i’m a teochew when i’m not..haha.. quite funny!
then just before i left work, i share with my best-y colleague cum buddy, hidayah, talking about how i nearly go in tears when patient talk to me re: some rather emotional topics.
this patient of mine, in his 70s who looks only like 50s undergoing radiotherapy.
i showered him in the morning, had this long chat with him during the shower, asking how he feel during the therapy, he verbalised all the side effects he had, BUT, he said it very “positively”, i can feel that though is a tiring process, can see from his face and side effects he undergoes like loss of appetitie, hair loss, limbs weakness… he still always smile to me saying that he wants to lead his life with recovery, he hopes for it.
knowing from what i studied, is not easy for a elderly or even any other human beings to went through all this so so positively… they will always think that they will die anyway, not hoping for any other thoughts.
this patient really give me some learning points of the day. i agree to what he had said, and code as above. 🙂
i told him that i’m so glad for his attitude and hope all patients could be like him.
btw, he got 5 children and 14 grand-children. his wife, also a cheerful lady in 60s also young looking!
me, with a joking character still ask them, uncle and auntie! what u all eat? haha! they laughed! 🙂

the other patient who is my ex ex (x100) patient, seen him admitted since my student time…he is discharged today, jun and mun seen him before, cause i used to see him selling watches at orchard area. he always called me when he sees me.
when he is admitted, i was the one who admit him, he just do the “alamak” action, and smile at me, ya~ is me again. haha.
but he admit and discharge all alone. no family came.
he is in his 70s but still as strong, wearing his same old sport-wears! 🙂
he is so grandpa to me, when he discharged today, he came and look for me, saw me in another cubicle, and bids goodbye to me, he pads my shoulder and i wishes him all the best health! and really take care of himself!
he’s very very very independent, he told me his kids are all busy, but one of them still able to spare time to fetch him, as least not going home alone.
he’s now retired, resting at home.
a cheerful old man! 🙂
was also telling hidayah that not all nurses are like us, who loves talking to patient and understand how they are getting through. is really very fulfilling to me!
we are not noble lah! just nurses who loves their job so much!
nurses who not just finish up daily work quickly just to head home, but working with passion and the heart!

pple who read this entry, don’t love me too much! haha. (BTH! MY THICK SKIN!) 🙂

appreciative people. i luv!

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the day is hectic! though most patients are “walkers” which most nurses will LOVE, but somehow some issues here and there… that’s WORK! haha.
was about to finish my work, this pt’s wife approach me.
nurse, can u pls do my husband’s dressing?
I:i changed it in the morning, the new dressing material u bought we will change for yr husband tml.
wife:what???? tml???? can u just do now? i rush down to the hospital just to buy the dressing material for my husband, so can u just do it right now?
i:ok, i will do for u right now— i end with a smile, but tired one. (hope not obvious?, hee..)
then i go in….
pt says(super softly):my wife scold u ah?
i laugh, then says: is ok lah, no problem, i can do now, understand yr wife is worry for yr wound. 🙂
pt says:sorry ah nurse, my wife very frustrated, rush down from work just to buy the materials for dressing my wound, so sorry.
i says:no prob, i’m ok, not to worry, yr wife also wish that yr wound heal faster! (SMILES!)
ok, is done!
patient was very thankful. 🙂
then i push out my trolley, wife approach me with a guilty or ”paiseh” look, so sorry about my attitude just now.
i says: no worries, understand yr concerns. 🙂 ”tap her shoulder”
she says :”thanks.”
i know she is sincere, i can feel it.
sometimes some nurses may identify these familys as irritating. my first 3 secs i felt that too. but always i love to conclude after seeing the whole picture, u will see a diff story.
i hope his wound will heal soon! he is very positive! pls! 🙂
btw, he had an amputee to all his toes, but he’s very positive!


extreme madness.

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my night shift is mad!
extremely mad with some people. hai.
the world is forever not fair.
but for my patients, i work through the night.
is tiring, but is work.
reality of work.
dine out with them today, miss them so much, super long since we last met, haha, non-stop gossip,chats.
the night is still young, i think i’m having “jet-lag”, or shift-lag? haha. “)

urgh! dnd next week! what to wear?
goal of the coming days: to source for clothes! 🙂

okuribito` (depatures).

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Its a story about a cellist (Daigo)who loses his job and must move back to his hometown. Once back there he reconnects with his past, and comes to terms with his life, love and dreams. Desperate to find a job, he answers an ad listed under departures, which turns out to be misspelled. It was supposed to say the departed, the job pertains to dressing, washing, and putting makeup on the deceased before the funeral. It is a job that most people look down upon because you earn money when someone dies. At first Daigo, does not like his job but little by little he comes to a new understanding of it. The process of prepping the corpse is shown in detail within the context of the story, and little by little we too as an audience get sucked in. it is an incredible ceremony to witness.

                                                                                                                                -taken from gv website: (with thanks!)

this movie is amazingly touching, with humor, and showing the respect towards the professionalism of the job- encoffining master.
the desipse, fear that the majority people will feel towards the profession is realistically shown.
to me, the job of the encoffining master is another noble profession, beautifully for the deceased.
the life, death, no matter gender, age, we will all need to go through, is matter of time.
so, enjoy this moment, this minute, sec…


the strong culture of japan is indeed proven! 🙂

life is short.

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just inspired alot these days, thought that it will be good to start blogging again.

life is indeed short.
it all start way back when i’m a RN for 2 mths…

first time, sending case out to another hospital.
a young guy, in late 20s, he has got blood ca, just diagnosed.
he is kind of “beng”, but words from his mouth u can’t believed when he knew his diagnosis.
just a small ambulance with weak air-con, just the driver, me and him lying on the trolley.
as usual a normal start of conversation with a “stranger” like “how long u work??”…blah…
then he confessed.

“this is the first time i’m sick, somemore a serious one, why me??”

at that point of time, i think about 2mins silence?  i actually did’nt know how to reply!
then i just relieve his anxiety as much as i could…
a short journey and we reached the hospital which better specialist treatment he could get from.
and, very coincidence, is my uncle’s ward.
after he settle in his new environment, i bid goodbye…

every now and then after that few weeks, i will get updates from my uncle re: his condition.
the last heard was a improved ones but lots of complications he got from chemo….

but, just 6 hours ago, i heard about him, he is now in another world.
i’m shocked, that’s last yr dec. 😦

so please, treasure people around u cause life is indeed short.

Hello world!

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